Immerse yourself in the enchanting melodies of Magillian, a long-time top Portuguese DJ and Musica Gourmet head honcho. Discover the rhythmic tapestry woven by this multifaceted artist and DJ, whose sonic journey spans from the soulful depths of Deep House to the ethereal landscapes of Melodic Techno.

Magillian shares a harmonious blend of original music and remixes, each resonating with the essence of passion and creativity. Delve into the musical universe crafted by this seasoned producer, with releases featured on prestigious institutions like Bush Records, Baroque Records, King Street Sounds, Kult Records, Hush Recordz, Monique Musique, Musica Gourmet, Nite Grooves, and Go Deeva Records.

As the head honcho of Musica Gourmet, Magillian invites you to savor a feast of auditory delights. Escape the chaos as this artist takes you on a transformative journey, where music becomes a conduit for meditation. Tune in, unwind, and let the beats guide you to a place of serenity and self-discovery.

Explore Magillian’s discography and experience the fusion of music, emotion, and mindfulness. Elevate your senses with a DJ who not only understands the art of sound but also embraces its power to bring balance to the soul.


Long time DJ, Soul Surfer, Yoga Aficionado. Time to time music producer.

Multifaceted DJ floating around the emotional spectrum from House to Techno that also loves music to tune out the chaos and focus on meditation or daily yoga practice.

Festivals & Tours
Nos Alive, Cafe Mambo Ibiza World Tour, Dance TV, Republik Ibiza.

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