Social Media for DJs

Artists Services

Artist and Label Services; Analytics and Market Intelligence; Streaming and Digital Strategy; Marketing and Campaign Management; streaming analytics from Spotify, Apple Music and more. Ghost producing entire tracks, song mastering and release.

DJ & Events

Book a Professional and highly experienced DJ and multifaceted artist floating around the emotional spectrum from Downtempo, Deep House, House to Techno. That also loves music to tune out your corporate event.

Social Media for DJs

Magillian is a one-stop affordable custom-built social media management service for Artists, DJs, and Record Labels. From a custom logo to high quality Electronic Press Kit, we can take care of all your branding needs.

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Basic website







Why you need a music website?

Most industry experts agree, musicians and DJs need a dedicated website, and here’s why: Having your own site makes you look pro. It shows that you’re taking your music career seriously. That (probably) means you’re more dependable, more talented, and of more interest to whoever is visiting your site.

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